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Stone Staffing, Inc.
Stone Staffing, Inc. Stone Staffing, Accounting and Finance Permanent and Temporary Placement Stone Staffing, Inc.
Stone Staffing, Inc.


Company Name Week Ending (mm/dd/yy)
Job Title
Employee Name
Social Security #

Day Date Start End Lunch         Reg. Hours         Overtime Hours
   Client     Reg. Hours Overtime Hours
    Hours worked to nearest quarter hour Hrs. Min . Hrs. Min.
          Total hours:

Client: Your signature represents that you are in agreement with all the terms and conditions on this website and that the hours shown are correct and the work was completed in a satisfactory manner.

Authorized Signature Title Date

Employee: I hereby certify that the hours shown here represent the total hours worked by me this week and were properly verified by the Client.

Employee Signature Date


Call us at once: When you are late or if you cannot work the prescribed hours, or if you won’t be able to report for work.

If you are going to be out a number of days, it will be up to the client to decide on replacing you or await your return.

Recording your time: Report all time to nearest 1/4 hour. Do not show odd minutes. Report total hours worked as directed.

Lunch: Your lunch period will be determined by the supervisor to whom you are assigned. Overtime: All authorized work you perform in excess of 40 hours per week (Mon-Sun) will be at time and one half the regular rates.

You are permitted to work overtime only if the client requests and approves such work. Approval must be obtained from us by the client before overtime can be authorized.

Future Assignments: If you do not contact us after each assignment, we will assume you are not available for work and you have voluntarily quit.

CLIENT INFORMATION-Additional Terms and Conditions

Being duly authorized on behalf of the above client:

  1. The undersigned herby acknowledges that the personnel service named on the above hereof incurs substantial recruitment, screening, administrative and other marketing expenses in connection with the temporary employee named on the above, and Client agrees that if the Client should hire the employee named above with 180 days after this date without agreement from Stone Staffing (The Service), the Client will pay Liquidation Damages. (Fee Schedule available from The Service upon request)
  2. Client certifies that the above hours are correct and that the work was performed in a satisfactory manner.
  3. Client confirms prior agreement between The Service and Client with respect to the services performed hereunder and any future services; a) Client shall not entrust The Service’s employees with unattended premises, cash, negotiable, or other valuables or authorize such employees to operate machinery or motor vehicles without prior written permission from The Service in each instance. b) The Service’s Insurance does not cover loss or damage caused by The Service’s employees operating Client’s owned or leased motor vehicle(s) and Client therefore accepts full responsibility for claims, including the defenses thereof, involving bodily injury, property damage, fire, theft, collision, cargo damage or public liability damage sustained or incurred as a result of an employee driving such vehicle(s), or arising out of or involving violation by Client of paragraph 3) a) above. c) The service is not responsible for claims made under its fidelity bond unless such claims are reported to it in writing by Client within 30 days after occurrence. d) Client shall indemnify and save The Service harmless from claims and demands arising out of the Occupational Safety and Health Act as it relates to premises owned or controlled by Client and to which The Service’s employees are assigned.e) The Services' employee is under the direction and control of the client. The Client recognizes The Service’s employer relationship with its personnel, and accepts the obligation to discuss all matters concerning their employment, job assignments, pay procedures, etc. with The Service.
  4. The Client agrees to pay all Invoices per terms and finance charges of one and one half percent (1-1/2%) per month (18% per annum) on charges remaining five (5) days after terms, on a thirty (30) day basis and reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses of collection, if The Service engages an attorney to enforce payment of any charges incurred.

Stone Staffing, Inc.
Stone Staffing, Inc. Stone Staffing, Accounting and Finance Permanent and Temporary Placement Stone Staffing, Inc.